Teen Martial Arts

Our Teen Martial Arts program combines the ages of teens through to Seniors.

While this is an obvious large age grouping, each student is encouraged to work at their pace and level.

We have found over the many decades that much is learned from each other regardless of age.

The age diversity allows for more training opportunities as your Uke or partner will have a different physical size, skill level and life skills.

All of these go to enhance ones training experience.

Seikido prides itself on its “real world” self-defense techniques. 

Our system is designed that right from our beginning White Belt level through to our Black Belt levels, that at each step along the way our students are taught techniques that will give them an edge in a self-defense situation.

From closed hand and feet techniques, to interception and capture techniques, to knife and stick defenses you will find that all are extremely effective in providing you with the confidence to defend yourself should you find yourself in that position. Obviously our first choice in self-defense is not to be there in the first place.

We teach and encourage a strategy called tactical communication as a methodology to defuse the situation. But if the situation requires it you will be given the tools and training to be successful in defending yourself.

Coupled with this is that our curriculum is based on repetition and skill building add-ons that continue to develop the initial techniques to the more complex ones that are in our arsenal of self-defense.

Our class schedule is listed in the menu area above or by clicking on the Learn More button. This has our up to date training schedule.