Training Philosophy

Training in traditional Martial Arts has remained fairly consistent over the years.

Most schools run classes that are broken down by age groups and then in certain circumstances also by belt ranges. Reasons for this vary between Martial Arts systems all for good training reasons.

Seikido utilizes a bit different of a philosophy one that has been proven since 1987 to be a methodology that benefits all our practitioners.

We run classes that encompass all age groups. Children to Seniors will train together and learn together. The course curriculum that is taught is the same for all ages.  It has been found that all our students adapt well to this and has provided the students with an enhanced understanding of their own techniques.

Children gain the benefit of interacting with teen and adults which helps build their self-confidence and self-esteem. Imagine the satisfaction on the children’s face when they see that they can effectively apply a technique onto an older student and find that it actually works for them!

For our adults working with all ages it challenges them to adapt and truly learn the fundamentals of our techniques.

It provides all our students with the confidence that no matter what circumstance they are placed in and no matter whom they are facing that they can effectively apply what they have been taught.

At Ryoku we have continued with this methodology but created two classes based on the East London Community needs.

We run a Children and Family class that allows busy families the opportunity to train together and still have the children home at a decent time for night time family activities.


We run two specific classes for our Children and Family class, one for ages 6 – 8 and one for ages 9 – 12. Parents are able to participate in these classes as well as we have volunteer students who are their be training partners.

Directly after this we run a Teen and Adult class which is a little more intense in training expectations but still within our core curriculum.

All classes are all belt levels from White Belts to Black. We have many students who come and participate in the first class then stay and take the Teen/Adult class to gain extra training time.

For information on class times please click on the Learn More link.

ITF & WTF Patterns

Our Patterns are derived from Traditional Taekwondo Patterns in honour of General Choi the Founder of Taekwondo.

We utilize the majority of the International Taekwondo Patterns with one pattern coming from the World Taekwondo Federation.

Seikido has developed a few Art specific patterns which demonstrates the blending of our foundational arts.

Below is the list of patterns that we practice:

Aikido based Self Defense

Our Self Defense techniques are derived from the foundations as taught by Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei. 

Over the years since 1969, Grand Master Zeke Petkovic has brought the techniques that he was taught by Master Milosh Pavlovic (5th Dan, Hombu style) in Belgrad, Yugoslavia to an even higher level of effectiveness.

Our training utilizes attacks ranging from fluid movement to that of a static grab or grapple.

It also include very effective defenses against attackers with weapons.

No matter the size of the attacker to the size of the defender, all students are left with the self confidence that they will be able to defend themselves.

The foundation of our Self Defense revolves around the following techniques: